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It has been a while...

Hello PCC Community!

It has been over a year or more since I sat down and wrote out a blog post.

When I started this website over 4 years ago, I created it as a personal and creative outlet that I could use to express myself as I was not feeling fulfilled with the job I had.

What started as a creative outlet, turned into a business that will be turning 4 years old on September 1st, 2021.

The last few years, I have stopped writing freely on here, and have taken the time to really think about how I want to continue to express myself on the blog going forward.

In March 2021, I decided to take a step back from the business and what Pink Crown Creative has been thus far. I was not feeling connected to the work anymore and really needed to sit in my feelings and what my gut was telling me.

A year prior, I was completely rocked by the hit of the pandemic to my business that I curled up into a ball and felt like my business would be in big trouble. I didn't have the strength or creativity to come up with ground breaking, money making solutions for my clients but instead retreated into a very dark place.

As I reflect on that time and all the change that has come since then. it was necessary. I started this business initially as a distraction from a career path I was unhappy with and fell into a business that I felt was helping solve problems that people I met were dealing with. The one problem was, I don't think I properly honed in on the skills, interests and expertise that I really felt fuelled by.

During lockdown, I started to have real conversations with guests on my podcast, Have You Met Her Yet?, I was able to rediscover some of the things that do bring me joy and passion. The podcast, truthfully was something that saved my life during the height of the pandemic. I had no clients and was not bringing any income in, but I was booking weekly conversations with women who inspire me and it gave me a reason to be present and have something in my schedule.

It also happened to be a time that I got offered my first paid sponsorship with Jameson Vitamins, where I interviewed five women from all different backgrounds and ages. I called the episode - Have You Met The Women of 2020?- Women's Health Through The Ages. This opportunity gave me the confidence and momentum to continue to carry on with my podcast for the rest of the year.

When it came to the one year anniversary of my podcast in January 2021, it felt really great to look back on the past year and reflect on all of the incredibly empowering conversations I had with women from many different industries, backgrounds and walks of life.

In March, for International Women's Day, I created a compilation of all of the interviews I had on my podcast where I asked each woman "What is your favourite part about being a female?". Hearing all of their answers in the video was really powerful and brought so much joy to this little moment in each episode that I didn't realize would turn into this really big moment of celebrating why being a woman is powerful.

I have many plans to continue to grow my podcast and my platform, and hope to continue to share inspiring stories with the relaunch of more episodes coming this Fall.


What has changed about the business? - Recap of our Relaunch

Since closing the doors of the business in March, myself and my team worked really hard behind the scenes to work on the things that I wanted the business to be going forward.

We started the re-launch countdown on June 3rd, where every week we focused on a new theme and part of the business that we were giving a sneak peak to showcase what Pink Crown Creative would look like going forward.

This was split into 5 weeks and 5 challenges:

You can read more about each week and the new parts of the business we shared by reading more in the blog & instagram posts we shared above.


If you have gotten this far, thank you for staying with me as I reflect on the past year and all the changes that have happened.

So what I have learned after all of this? To focus on the things that fuel my energy, spark my joy and make me feel like I am making a difference in someones life. But most importantly, than I am making a difference in my own life.

I have a goal to personally write a blog post at least once a month and get back to feeling like I can express myself without judgement, provide some insight into the behind the scenes of being a business owner, spread inspiration to women in the workplace and give you tips, tricks and lessons that can provide you with the guidance, courage and advice you might be looking for.

Until then, wishing you a wonderful rest of your summer!

Creativity & Love,


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