It has been a while...

Hello PCC Community!

It has been over a year or more since I sat down and wrote out a blog post.

When I started this website over 4 years ago, I created it as a personal and creative outlet that I could use to express myself as I was not feeling fulfilled with the job I had.

What started as a creative outlet, turned into a business that will be turning 4 years old on September 1st, 2021.

The last few years, I have stopped writing freely on here, and have taken the time to really think about how I want to continue to express myself on the blog going forward.

In March 2021, I decided to take a step back from the business and what Pink Crown Creative has been thus far. I was not feeling connected to the work anymore and really needed to sit in my feelings and what my gut was telling me.

A year prior, I was completely rocked by the hit of the pandemic to my business that I curled up into a ball and felt like my business would be in big trouble. I didn't have the strength or creativity to come up with ground breaking, money making solutions for my clients but instead retreated into a very dark place.

As I reflect on that time and all the change that has come since then. it was necessary. I started this business initially as a distraction from a career path I was unhappy with and fell into a business that I felt was helping solve problems that people I met were dealing with. The one problem was, I don't think I properly honed in on the skills, interests and expertise that I really felt fuelled by.

During lockdown, I started to have real conversations with guests on my podcast, Have You Met Her Yet?, I was able to rediscover some of the things that do bring me joy and passion. The podcast, truthfully was something that saved my life during the height of the pandemic. I had no clients and was not bringing any income in, but I was booking weekly conversations with women who inspire me and it gave me a reason to be present and have something in my schedule.