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During the week of June 14 to June 18th, we had the pleasure to host Support Week, which was all about introducing our favorite small businesses. The pandemic has been hard for everyone, which is why whenever we have the chance to support local businesses we are especially excited to give them a shoutout!

We had so much fun taking part in this challenge and sharing some of our favorite things from local businesses across Canada.

But how did this initiative came to be? Well, if you follow us on Instagram you might have noticed that every week before our launch we were sharing different themes. Every week, each team member took over the account and shared their perspective about each theme. You can take a look at each week if you head over to our Instagram account @PinkCrownCreative.

We decided to share some of our favorite small businesses. Sharing with our community what we loved about each business, and giving the business an opportunity to connect with a different audience was such a rewarding and fun experience.

What was our favorite thing about it? Well, our team members shared their highlights about this week:

"My favorite part about Support Week was to not only share the behind-the-scenes that some businesses show on their accounts, but also give them an opportunity to reach others. It's amazing what many small businesses across Canada do and the effort and thought they put into the final product." - Adriana

"My favorite part about Support Week was learning about the local gems that my community loves! Sometimes it's hard to find small businesses because big corporations take up so much space (physically and figuratively), so it was great to shine a spotlight on such amazing entrepreneurs and businesses that truly deserve it." - Maria

"My favorite part about Support Week was getting to know about local businesses in BC! Living in Calgary I don’t know much about local and small businesses in Vancouver. I definitely saved my favorites so that when I’m there I can go check them out!" - Bianca

This was an extremely fun week for everyone on the team!

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