Have You Met The Women of 2020? - Women's Health Through The Ages

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

I’m excited to share that our podcast, Have You Met Her Yet? recently partnered up with Jamieson Vitamins and The Mom Podcast to host a special double episode featuring 10 different women at various ages & stages of life. We dove into conversation on women's health with each one of them!

In our episode we speak with 5 different women; a student, an entrepreneur, a stay at home mom, a seasoned business owner, and a cancer survivor.

Our episode is presented by our partners, Jamieson Vitamins. Until the end of today – July 31, every time the hashtag #HereForHerHealth is used on social media, Jamieson is donating 50 cents to the Canadian Women’s Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps women and girls move out of violence, out of poverty, and into confidence and leadership. Jamieson is also offering our listeners a chance to win some of their supplements, and we’ll share how you can enter later in this episode!