Inspiration Week was so much fun! Personally I loved getting an insight into our team members personalities and interests.

For Inspiration Week, each one of us shared our favourite businesses and brands on our stories. Inspiration is all around us, people we surround ourselves with, people we follow online, school, work, businesses etc.

This was a great way to acknowledge those businesses that inspire us. It gives our followers a chance to get to know new businesses and Instagram accounts to also follow. If you are looking into ways to join a community and find like-minded entrepreneurs, business spotlights are a great way for you to get someone's attention, and doing so with a nice gesture! It shows others you are inspired by their work and goals.

Nowadays, I feel as though Instagram can be competitive, and businesses try to outdo their competitors - when instead you could be forming a supportive community where everyone gets a chance to showcase their talents, skills, products, services, etc. It provides a safe space for entrepreneurs to give and be given support.

This was definitely one of my favourite weeks because I started following