Now that the new Pink Crown Creative chapter has started, we will be doing a recap on the lead up to our relaunch. We had so many exciting things happen that we want to document and share with you!

The road to the relaunch was very exciting and we as a team worked together on so many things behind the scenes that we have decided we want to implement into our instagram account! One of them being sharing more of our team and who we are! We did this with TEAM WEEK! This was the first week that kicked off the countdown towards our relaunch

Our team is made up of 5 members!

Lindsay Dent - Founder and CEO of Pink Crown Creative

Bianca Bernardes - Social Media Manager

Maria Nadalin - Content Marketing Manager

Adriana Arteaga - Brand Manager

Choccie - Chief Barketing Officer


During team week each member took over our instagram for the day, on our stories everyone showed a day in their life! From favourite activities, snacks, sneak peeks, etc! It was a great way to connect with our followers and get to show each of our personalities.