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5 Years of Pink Crown Creative

I am sitting here trying to put into words the last 5 years of my business. From what started as a creative escape from corporate reality turned into an inspirational journey that brought along many successes, failures, friendships, partnerships, lessons, opportunities, experiences, milestones, reflections, tests, errors, celebrations, experiences, goals, wins, losses, triumphs, mistakes, depression, happiness, excitement, laughter, tears, anxiety, hope, fear, inspiration and fulfillment.

The last year, my voice and brand online has been quite  as I have worked behind the scenes on ventures that made me feel good, secure and challenged. I have taken the time to step back from what the norm was and find out what made me fell alive, creative and real again.

The pandemic brought on such a huge shift in my business which was necessary for continued growth and to protect a brand that I didn't want to completely resent or hate.

A lot of myths surrounded my success in my first 3 years of business. There were a lot of accounts and personalities I followed that promised if you only "post more, plan better, network your heart out and exhaust yourself" you will find those 6 figure months and be financially stable. And if you weren't, you were a failure and doing it all wrong.

In my 3 & 4th year, I learned so many lessons that made reality give me a kick in the butt and made me have to focus on finding opportunities that could make my business sustainable and continue to give me the creativity and freedom I continued to crave.

My rebrand in July 2021 came with a quiet knowing of the places and people I needed to surround myself with. I fell quite nicely into the areas I wanted my business to grow and made connections and partnerships with business who could use my expertise, knowledge, drive and ultimately give myself more of a security to still be able to work from home, do the things I love and finally feel financially stable in my business.

Teaching students at Blanche MacDonald for the past year has filled my cup over by sharing my knowledge and wisdom with students who are about to start their career journey. I am able to be a mentor to these students and give them real, raw truth about social media and growing your business or personality online.

Recruiting with Smart Savvy has brought me back into the marketing world and has connected me with big brands and small businesses where I am helping connect todays marketing, communications and sales talents in their dream careers.

I have had the opportunity to interview almost 50 incredibly inspiring, inspirational and bad ass women on my podcast platform, and got my taste of a national audience this Internal Women's Day when I was interviewed on CTV Morning Live.

I have accomplished so many incredible things with my brand the last 5 years, things I could have never dreamed of. I am having a hard time wrapping them all up in a pretty bow. I truly do not know where the next few years will take Pink Crown Creative or how it will continue to mold and shape itself into my life.

I have so many wonderful clients, partners, colleagues, peers, friends and family to thank for supporting, cheering on and uplifting my business in the last 5 years. I remember each and every connection and am so grateful for you and for continuing to believe in Pink Crown Creative and myself as a business owner and entrepreneur.

Cheers to another 5 years!

Creativity & Love,



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