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Digital marketing made easy.

Learn how to understand, implement, and execute winning campaigns.

Digital Marketing Campaigns 101 Marketing Solution by Pink Crown Creative.png

A how to guide with exercises, tools and strategies for success.

Digital Marketing is a huge channel.

Learn what’s important when it comes to understanding online marketing and how it can help you succeed. 

Digital Campaigns 101 will help you

Understand the importance of telling your brand’s story.

Learn how to build a marketing plan and prioritize opportunities.

Define your target audience and create your ideal client.

Discover how to plan and execute a well thought out marketing plan.

Learn how to create engaging content and how to organize it online.

Understand the value of lead magnets.

So that you can feel confident in your ability to execute a successful digital marketing campaign that ultimately leads to your businesses’ growth.

Website traffic.


Audience engagement


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Amore Apparel

Lindsay has created an amazing business tool that I love! The Digital Marketing Campaign solution does not disappoint – I finished with so much knowledge and confidence to keep growing my company.


Hi I’m Lindsay,

Founder and CEO of Pink Crown Creative. My goal is to provide marketing & social media solutions to help support your growth as an entrepreneur. 

Since 2017 we've empowered small businesses and creatively inspired individuals through resources, tools and experiences.

Digital Marketing Campaigns 101 helps you simplify and demystify how to navigate this huge channel, and provides you with the tools and exercises you need to implement successful online campaigns.

Download the guide to get started today.

Learn the basics of how to market your business online.

Digital Marketing Campaign 101

Digital Marketing Campaigns 101 Marketing Solution by Pink Crown Creative.png

A guide that sets you up for success.

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