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Voted Least Likely Podcast Interview - Setting Boundaries and Prioritizing your Mental Health

In November, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Leah Yard, Founder of Leah Yard Designs and the host of the Voted Least Likely Podcast.

I also, I interviewed her on my podcast where you can learn a little bit more about Leah and her new podcast and jewellery business.

Check out both episodes below!

Setting Boundaries and Prioritizing your Mental Health with Lindsay Dent

This week I had the honour to chat with Lindsay Dent, founder of Pink Crown Creative. We chatted about taking the leap from corporate to entrepreneurship, how to assess your business when it's no longer bringing you joy, and the importance prioritizing your mental health.

I am so grateful for Lindsay's openness and vulnerability. This conversation is an important one as we head into the final stretch of the year. It also serves as an important reminder to check on the people in your life.

Three things we cover in this episode:

#1: Taking the Leap

How do you know when you're ready to quit your job?

#2: Pivoting

How to face the hard truth about your business when it is no longer serving you.

#3: Setting Boundaries

Lindsay shares simple ways she took control of her time, and made her business work FOR her.

Connect with Lindsay here: Pink Crown Create:

Listen to the episode here:

Have You Met Leah Yard from Leah Yard Designs Yet?

In this weeks episode, I speak with Leah Yard from Leah Yard Designs and the Voted Least Likely Podcast.

Leah is a designer, business owner, and podcast host. She is also a high school drop out and failure expert. From living on a lighthouse island as a child, to dropping out of high school and working entry-level jobs for over a decade, to accidentally becoming an entrepreneur: her story is far from glamorous. And yet she somehow ended up working in the fashion Industry. ​ She started her jewellery brand Leah Yard Designs in 2013. In an industry that values prestige and glamour, she constantly felt like an imposter. Because of this, she now proudly shares her story on the Voted Least Likely Podcast. Her mission is to demystify what it takes to be successful. She wants her piece of internet real estate to be a place for people to share the stories that make them who they are.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Growing up on a lighthouse island in BC

  • Hiding in a bathroom at an event when you don’t feel like you belong

  • Launching her podcast “Voted Least Likely”

  • Lessons of running a jewellery brand for 9 years

  • Imposter syndrome

  • Dealing with the facade of entrepreneur success noise on social media

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Leah Yard, Founder, Leah Yard Designs & Host of Voted Least Likely Podcast.

Connect with Leah: Leah Yard Designs:

Leah Yard: (the Voted Least Likely Podcast "hub")

Episode References Voted Least Likely Podcast Use 20% all purchases from Leah Yard Design by using promo code: "HAVEYOUMETHERYET20" at check out


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