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Relaunch Party Recap!


After a very long 2020 and half of 2021, we decided that we were itching for an event and wishing for a way to celebrate with the community for all of the things we’ve been planning for the past few months.

And so…

Lindsay got to work to put together an event with no pressure and no expectations. She knew she wanted it to be no stress, casual, inviting, and fun for all.

There were a lot of questions and doubts about how this would actually end up - is this crazy? Will anybody show up? Is it risky? But, was it a success? ...ABSOLUTELY!

It was such a success because it was an evening full of love, joy, and excitement. It was so wonderful to see everyones beautiful faces; chat, and share a couple delicious beverages. Moving forward, we’re confident our community and clients will support and cheer us on, as we do with you. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing who you are.

We were overjoyed to hear the relief from others that they were excited to celebrate something in person (and that they too felt a bit nervous and awkward to be at their first in person event for a long time!). We’re still in a weird, sensitive, and socially awkward time, so we were mindful of that. Regardless, we came out of it feeling supported and celebrated, so thank you so very much, Pink Crown Creative community. It was so lovely to see you again or meet you for the first time, and we look forward to having more in person events with you soon.


A very special thanks to one of our community events partners, Mod Beverage, for hosting us and providing us with some refreshing beverages.

Mod Beverage is a local company that brews, distills, brands and distributes great ideas into beverages that people love and trust. They make something for everyone who is looking for something a little different.

Some of their brands we tried are:

  • Parade Hard Seltzer - that had flavours of banana, pink lemonade, lime and grape

  • Go Boujee - sparkling rose and sauv blanc

  • Spectrum Beer - flavours of hot pink lemonade and cherry blast sour

  • Getaway Cider - the only zero-sugar and low-calorie hard cider produced in British Columbia

If you’re looking for some fun and different drinks to try this summer and want to support local, you can find them at most liquor stores!

They also have an impressive list of other brands and beverages to check out too!

Thank you Mod Beverage and thank you Pink Crown Creative community!

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