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Empower Week was all about sharing our favourite podcasts and influencers. In our story, we each shared our favourite podcasts. They ranged from music, to true crime, to self care and more. I definitely started following some new influencers because of this week!

We love supporting businesses and profiles that we genuinely enjoy, we also find it a great way to get in touch with other communities.

We hope that through these challenges our followers have gotten a better look and understanding of our team! We are unique individuals who enjoy different things which makes things very fun and diverse. We hope you have been able to see that through the challenges.

We continue to encourage you to always support and empower podcasts, businesses, influencers whatever it is you want to share! It is a great way to join new communities and get to know people that are interested in similar things as you!

Ways you can empower someone or something online:

  • Commenting and engaging with their content

  • Sharing their profile to your story

  • Sharing a post you liked

  • Sharing a quote from them

In a world where social media can be so toxic, seeing others empower each other online is very refreshing and brings a united feeling!

This week was #empowermentweek, you can check out all of the podcasts and influencers we shared on the “EMPOWERMENT WEEK” highlight on our instagram!

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