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Want to grow your Audience on Tik Tok?


Tiktok is a great way to grow your audience and for your business to gain more exposure! It also allows you to promote your business in a creative way!

1. Using popular sounds in the background of your videos will increase it's chance of appearing on the fyp (for you page/feed)

2. Tiktok allows you to make 15 or 60 second videos. For example when you are making a video on tips and tricks, try to make in the 15 second mark. It can be really easy for the audience to lose interest when it comes to watching videos with writing in it. By making it 15 seconds, its easy for them to follow and more likely for them to check out the rest of your page!

3. When someone is watching a video they can relate to, it automatically allows them to have a connection with you and your business, meaning they could be a possible new customer. So, try to make content that your audience can relate, so they will continue to return to your page and engage with your content!

Lastly have fun, be creative and create your community!!

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