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Tomorrow will be better

Tomorrow will be better - I have been telling myself this all week.


* Went to bed feeling super motivated

* Rested and relaxed from an enjoyable weekend


* Woke up at 3 am, dreaded being up for my 8:30 am personal training session

* Went back & forth if I should go ahead with my work out or if I continue to show up for myself & lead the week on a healthy high

* Continued to feel anxious & stressed, brought on a migraine and decided to cancel my PT session

* Cancelled all meetings with my team and decided to take a personal day to focus on myself & my self care. Tuesday would be my day to be productive


* Realized I keep adding more tasks, projects & ideas to my work load as opposed to following through & completing past ideas & projects

* Had a wonderful meeting with a client who makes me continue to love what I do

* Had a great date with a friend/client who made me realize how hypocritical I am about taking my own advice that I give to my clients but don’t take or do for myself

* Got devastating news from close friends


* Literally could not get out of bed

* Read/scrolled social media

* Muted/deleted/removed/unfollowed accounts/triggers/groups/personalities that distract me from my goals/make me feel bad/comparison/unhealthy

* Ate shitty food

* Took all energy to reply to friends, respond to emails and complete simple tasks

* Could not sleep until 4 am


* Decided I need to put work blinders on and focus on one goal/task/project at a time

* Wishing the week would end, but being more forgiving & compassionate to myself

What started out as a week where I gave myself full permission (no guilt attached) to have ONE day to take care of myself & my mental health, turned into a full week of not having enough energy, motivation & drive to do the bare minimum each day.

I wanted to share my week to let anyone else know who feels shame, discomfort or embarrassment that I too had a hard week, and you are not alone. All weeks don’t have to be perfect. If you need more than one day, one week, hell one is OKAY!

If this year taught me anything, it is that YOUR health matters the most! 💕 #mentalhealth #selfcare


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