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I Quit! Becoming an Entrepreneur - Glow Radio Podcast Interview

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

A few weeks ago I was a guest on the local "Quit your 9-5" podcast Glow Radio.

Glow Radio is a podcast for sassy entrepreneurs who are in the process of quitting their much-hated day job to work for themselves full-time. You can expect weekly conversations with unapologetic creatives, business owners and influencers. They discuss tips on how to reach your goals, manage your time and keep your sanity while being a major boss babe. Hosted by Jacquelyn & Clara, your favourite hype women who will cheer you on and push you to create the life that you want.

I am so thrilled to be a part of my first podcast as a guest speaker. It was a really fun and laid back experience. I was so impressed with how professional, organized and fun Jacquelyn and Clara were. It really made the experience of telling my story to the world less stressful and nerve-racking. It made me feel really proud to speak about my company and how I have built it up so far.

In this episode you can learn about:

- why I started my business Pink Crown Creative

- an insight into working with I Like Her Style Vancouver​

- what my daily routine is like as an entrepreneur

- tips and tricks on how to start your own business

- insight into the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur

- how I stay on top of trends in the marketing and social media industry

- three big goals I have for 2019

- and a few fun facts into learning a bit more about me during an off the cuff speed round Q&A

Check out the video below or you can listen on Spotify: or iTunes here:

Happy Listening!



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