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How To Stay Consistent On Instagram

Instagram is an exciting platform, where you get to share what you are most passionate about and create a community where you can interact and share the things you enjoy the most. However, sometimes managing an Instagram account and being consistent with the various tasks you partake in can be tiring and draining at times. Today I will be sharing some tips that will hopefully make your life easier when creating content!

1. Explore Your Concept

In order to keep yourself motivated, you need to dig deep into what you are talking about. This can take time, but that's okay! Take the time you need to do research, see what specific things speak to you, and what are the things you love the most about that concept. This is helpful for the following reasons:

  1. It allows you to have a thorough understanding of the concept you are trying to create content for

  2. It gives you an understanding of the audience you are working with

  3. You get to see the trends and insights that are predominately in your area of work

2. Decide what type of account you are working on

You need to decide what you are using Instagram for. It can either be a place where you express your personal creativity or a professional account where you manage your blog, work-related posts, or even a place to connect with future customers. This is an important step because it will allow you to understand and picture your ideal followers. Once you identify your potential followers you will have an idea of what accounts to follow and how to interact with their content.

3. Choose what to post

Once you have your followers figured out, you can think of what you want to post. You can choose a number of topics you can create content for and work around it. This is what we call "Instagram theme" a series of ideas that identify your concept.

Here are some questions that can guide you towards deciding on an Instagram theme:

  1. What identifies your account?

  2. What are things that you can post to motivate/provide knowledge about your concept?

  3. What color scheme best relates to your concept?

  4. Switch perspectives: If you were the one scrolling through Instagram what would grab your attention? What kind of posts motivate you?

4. Write everything down

In order to be consistent with your Instagram posting, you need to be constantly inspired. Every time you get any new ideas you should right the down. Keep a little notebook of any ideas you might get.

5. Create A Grid Layout

There are several apps you can use to create your desired feed. This will motivate you and inspire you to create your concept. By visualizing your feed you can play with different color schemes, and you get a glimpse at what your audience sees when they visit your account.

Here are two apps that are perfect for building a layout:

  1. Planoly

  2. Unum

6. Choose A "Planning Day"

Choose a day from the week where you can plan everything related to your posting, content creation, and how consistent you are going to be. This will keep you motivated and organized to achieve your desired concept. Here is a quick list:

  1. Decide how many days in the week you want to post

  2. Decide what days you are going to work on creating posts

  3. Are you going to schedule posts on a weekly or monthly basis?

  4. Are you going to do post weekly stories or any type of engagement?

That's all for today! I hope these tips help you be more consistent and interactive with your content. Remember that everything comes down to being passionate about what you are doing and engaging with people who feel the same way!

That's all for today! If I missed something let me know in the comments and don't forget to check out the last blog where I share tips on how to create an editorial calendar.

Remember, if you are looking to hire someone to help your business be successful on social media contact us today to book your creative hour strategy to get started.


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