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How To Create An Editorial Calendar

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Starting a business, having your own brand, and creating what you are most passionate about are all exciting things. You get the opportunity to give your business/brand the exposure it deserves while collaborating and interacting with others that are part of the same idea. However, all of it comes with many responsibilities and a high level of commitment. As we discussed in one of the blog posts it is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the expectations and commitments you have when you have an active role in the business world. That is why staying organized is one of the most important things to take into consideration.

In today's blog post I will be sharing with you an amazing tool to stay on top of your to-do list, and that is an editorial calendar. I will be talking about what an editorial calendar is, some of the advantages, and sharing with you some of the tools you can use when creating one.

An editorial calendar, in short, is a calendar that lets you visualize your due dates, upcoming projects, or anything you need to get done while creating content and posting content. This type of calendar allows you to see the bigger picture while still getting into the specifics of each project you manage. Being able to visualize everything makes it easier for you to see how much work you have daily, weekly, and even monthly. The biggest advantage of this is that it prevents you from forgetting something or even worse not giving your work the quality it needs because you are trying to get everything done at once.

So, maybe you are asking yourself why can't I simply set a reminder on my phone or set a daily alarm for each thing that you need to do.?Well, you could potentially do all of those things but it will be easier for you to lose track, especially if you have several things happening around the same dates.

Keeping an editorial calendar allows you to strategize your content. Given its visual representation, it is easy for you to see when things work best for you. It allows you to arrange your due dates and events in the most efficient way. An editorial calendar is also an amazing tool for communication across teams. It will allow you to see where you need more content, what things are already ongoing projects, and when to start new projects. An editorial calendar also allows you to prioritize your goals and business objectives making sure that you are putting them to action.

  1. Make a list of your objectives and goals, think about things you want to improve or create for your brand. Some ideas are:

Generating more traffic

Increasing engagement

Improving brand awareness

Establishing brand loyalty

2. With any new strategy that you want to implement comes a considerable amount of research. Try to dig into the topic as much as you can and start mapping out different possible strategies for it. However, when writing down ideas make sure to consider only those options that are actually attainable.

3. Now that you have an idea of different strategies and more information about your specific topic, you should start thinking about content ideas. Do more research on the things that are trending in regards to your topic and how to create content that promotes, connects, and targets your audience.

4. Monitor your changes and make improvements as much as needed. It's okay if you need to make some improvements as many times as necessary. This will improve the quality you are offering and it will take you a step closer to achieving your goals.

Finally, here are some tools that you can use to create your editorial calendar.

  1. Use Google Sheets: Color code the calendar to specify each specific task and visualize everything easily.

  2. Try the Trello App, this tool lets you arrange your projects and deadlines into boards. You can use different colors and label each board. The best part of it? You can carry your planner on your cellphone for easy visualization.

  3. Use a regular paper calendar: You can hang your calendar somewhere that is visible for you like your office or the desk in your room. This will allow you to visualize everything and you can even color-code your due dates using sticky notes.

That's all for today! If I missed something let me know in the comments and don't forget to check out the last blog post where I share with you tips to grow your blog!

Remember, if you are looking to hire someone to help your business be successful on social media contact us today to book your creative hour strategy to get started.

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