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How To Grow Your Blog

There are so many things to take into consideration when starting your own blog; for one, generate traffic is a huge one! The term "traffic" refers to anyone who visits your blog. There are two main types of traffic:

Search traffic: This happens when someone types in a question or they search something up and your blog post comes up.

Paid traffic: This type of traffic is more intentional since you pay for services such as Google AdWords, banner ads among others to market your blog.

So, why is this so important?

The amount of people who visit your blog:

- makes it relevant

- increases your reach towards your target audience

Without enough traffic, your blog may get lost in the sea of blogs and it may lose its importance.

Today I am going to share some tips that can help you increase traffic to grow your blog!

1. Be thoughtful of your content

Try to create content that is relevant to your target audience; make it as interesting as possible but do be sure to show a unique style, something that differentiates you from others.

2. Use compelling headlines

This is such an important one because it is the first thing that people see. Make sure to create strong and compelling headlines to your blog posts that spark curiosity and interest to your audience. If your headline is too broad or not clear enough it will be overlooked by most of your potential viewers.

3. Use keywords

Not everyone is an expert in SEO, but you can easily research keywords that will boost your views. Take advantage of previous content you have created and add a link to it when you see it makes sense to. However, don't overdo it! No one wants to read a blog full of links. Create a good balance between the new content you are sharing and orders ones that can serve as a reference! Try using long-tail keywords (phrases composed of 3+ words) because they have less competition than short ones.

4. Find the right social media channel to market it

In order to reach your audience, you need to decide which social media channel aligns most with what you are promoting and sharing. Make a quick study of the average age, behaviour, and trends that your audience has. If you make the right decision you will increase your exposure and therefore gain more traffic.

5. A newsletter with your blog posts

A newsletter is a good tool to engage with your audience and increase exposure. You can start by gathering emails from your audience. You can then start to send a weekly or monthly email newsletter that feature your new blog posts.

6. Interact with other bloggers

Interacting with other bloggers has so many benefits:

- You can learn something new

- You are supporting others that are doing the same thing as you

- You can create connections and generate traffic for yours in return!

7. Use Pinterest

Don't be afraid to use Pinterest! Pinterest can generate so much traffic for your blog. You can create a board specifically for your blog posts and also look for trends and ideas that might appeal to your audience. You can gather many ideas from Pinterest that you can use for both your blog and social media posts. Check out one of our past blog posts that explains how to manage your Pinterest boards.

That's all for today! I hope you find these tips useful!

Let me know in the comments if I missed something!

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