Kelsy McIntosh - #HaveYouMetHerYet?

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

One woman featured who is a woman in the workplace 

who are they - what do they do - why you should know them 

Kelsy McIntosh is a Registered Practical Nurse from Bothell, Ontario. Lover of sports, avid hunter and covered in a beautiful canvas of ink. She resides with her husband and two beautiful children in Newmarket, Ontario.

1. What is your story? What do you do and how did you get to where you are today in your career?

I consider my story interesting and varied! I am a Registered Practical Nurse, and my current role with DeafBlind Ontario Services is the organization’s Health Care Facilitator.  I’m in a really cool position – I am the only one in my position, and I am responsible for health care related training delivery and development, client advocacy, auditing, policy review and development, ensuring compliance with Ministry and organizational guidelines, and ensuring we are always utilizing current best practices.  My organization supports DeafBlind adults in residential settings all across the province – My office is in Newmarket but I travel all over the province.  

I graduated my nursing program 10 years ago (I don’t feel old enough to say that!), and have worked frontline nursing in Hospitals, Long Term Care, and Community Settings.  After I moved to Newmarket with my Husband, I started working as a community nurse with Saint Elizabeth.  I knew that there was potential to move into a management position as an RPN with them, and within 6 months of my start, I landed my first management role.  I was only 23 at the time – but I think the Regional Director who hired me really saw the potential I had and took a chance on me (I’m forever grateful to her for it!).  After that I moved into a new management position at a Retirement Home as the Health and Wellness Manager.  I did that for 4 years, but felt a bit… ‘stuck’, for lack of a better word.  The role had kind of gone on autopilot and I felt ready for a new challenge.  My current role then came up – it’s something I had talked about for years, that I would love to teach, while still maintaining a clinical component, preferably in the not for profit sector (I find people are truly in it for the right reasons here).  This job checked all the boxes.  I’ve been here for 2 years, and I love the work I do.  This role was new to the organization when I came into it, so I’ve had the chance to really develop it into what it is today.  It’s been an awesome challenge, and as an RPN, it’s a very unique role – It’s a crazy feeling to do something that hasn’t really been done before (even in the developmental services sector, traditionally it would be an Registered Nurse in this type of administrative role).  So I feel like a bit of a trailblazer for my profession, which is amazing and empowering.

2. One quote you live by - personal quote or borrowed

‘There is no strength where there is no struggle’.  My dad’s sister, who we lost to breast cancer very yo