#HaveYouMetHerYet? - Katie Foden

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Katie Foden is a Business Development Manager for Intact Speciality Solutions in Alberta. Her role as a regional manager has her travelling around Western Canada building relationships and cultivating partnerships in an effort to pursue strategic growth opportunities for her company. In her spare time she can be seen biking around Calgary or heading out to the mountains for skiing, hiking, biking, or whatever activities the weather will allow.

What is your story? What do you do and how did you get to where you are today in your career?

I started my insurance career in Toronto in 2010 following completion of my degree. I completed a 9 month rotational training program that allowed me to learn the industry by working different job functions in various offices across the US and Canada. I moved to Calgary in 2012 to continue underwriting construction and energy accounts, and to continue building up my national broker network.

I've been with Intact Specialty Solutions since 2017 and am excited to do my part to help us become a leader in this space. I have spent my career so far working on large / mid sized, cross border and complex accounts and look forward to utilizing my knowledge and network to help Intact continue our venture into that space. I truly believe that most issues can be solved with education and strong relationships. I believe my accomplishments are due to actively seeking knowledge about a variety of facets of the field, and developing lasting relationships with people of all different backgrounds.

What is one piece of valuable advice you would give someone who wants to get into your field?

There are plenty of jobs in this industry across Canada. The key is to stick with it, your first step into it isn’t going to be your dream job but if you work hard and learn a lot you can move up and have access to a variety of roles and responsibilities.

There is a steep learning curve at the beginning of your career where you have to learn a lot of terminology, policy structure, and processes so it can be overwhelming… but as you gain expertise and a good network around you the options are endless to find a role that fits you perfectly.