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#HaveYouMetHerYet? - Jacquelyn & Clara

What is your story? What do you do and how did you get to where you are today in your career?

We are Jacquelyn and Clara the co-hosts of Glow Radio and passionate entrepreneurs. We were going through a tough time in our careers and decided that we wanted to put our skills together to create something that we could look forward to everyday. Waiting was not an option for us, the time for action is NOW. So here we are working around the clock to create content to inspire women LIKE US to achieve their dreams!

What is one piece of valuable advice you would give someone who wants to get into your field?

Don’t wait to start your podcast! Podcasting is a growing industry that is currently much less saturated than blogging. There are over 440 million blogs, but just over 600K podcasts (Source). It’s also more affordable than you think! You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to produce your podcast.

We’ve received a lot of questions on how to start a podcast, and we want to help you succeed! We are developing an online course to take your concept to a full blown successful podcast in just 1 month. Subscribe to our weekly newsletters to get the quickest update on our course launch.

What is one resource you can share that has been beneficial to your job or career?

We listen to a lot of podcasts during the day for strategies and motivation! We love listening to Jenna Kutcher and Amy Porterfield, they’re both incredible boss babes and experts in marketing. They teach us about marketing strategies, developing the right mindset, and how to grow your income.

Name one thing that you WILL make happen this year

We will launch our online course this year, How to Start A Podcast and will also be speakers at multiple events! Oops, that was two things! Sorry not sorry!

Name three things someone has told you’re good at or what they admire you for.

Jacquelyn - Determined, Achiever, Passionate Clara - Bold, Creative, Encouraging

One quote you live by

"We are on a no-brake-one-way-hyperspeed-powerhouse-rocket to freedom and we will fight relentlessly to increase our success." - Personal quote!

How do you keep motivated?

There is a lot of focus placed on our goals. We set our goals and targets so big that they excite us when we wake up and start working. When things get tough, we appreciate how much we have achieved in such a short amount of time. Our guests motivate us a lot too! We get to learn about their humble beginnings and we realize that we are no different than them when they started!

What are your strategies on avoiding burnout?

Keeping a list of things to be grateful for. Taking 1 hour of your day to practice self care like taking a bubble bath or meditating. Making sure you prioritize on your health - it is not worth sacrificing hours and hours of sleep.

If you could work or move your career anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Our plan is to develop a second headquarters in LA! We love the cali vibes and it’s definitely somewhere we want to be.

What do you like to do that is traditionally considered masculine?

BE THE BOSS! We’re still seeing a ton of male bosses out there and we want to empower more women to become leaders!

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