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Have You Met Her Yet? - Andrea Greene

Updated: May 6, 2020

Have you met Andrea Greene yet?

Andrea Greene is the Owner and Operator of Beans Events and Beans Treats, a custom decor and treat company that specializes in creating specialty pieces for your special events. 

"Bean’s Treats and Bean’s events gets its name from the nickname my mother gave me when I was growing up; Bean. My family still calls me Bean to this day!

My mother is a huge reason why I love baking and crafting. She always found these great crafting magazines- there was no Pinterest back then- and she would make holidays extra special by replicating her magazine findings. Baking we would do on Sunday’s and this became our religion. I was her trusted helper for both activities and I loved the bonding it provided.

As a mother with two small children of my own, I do my best to explore what my children love to do and bond over it just like my mother and I. Although my children don’t help in any way with my customers products, we’re still very involved in our own family treats and crafts!

Besides being a mom, wife, corporate slave, entrepreneur...  etc. I am me. That involves playing soccer, getting my nails done-professionally, binge watching netfix, crave, Disney + #ad , unwillingly killing houseplants, and holding myself up to high expectations.  I’m a giver. I have probably the best circle of friends any one woman could ever have- they keep my soul intact. And my husband is a really solid dude who puts up with every thing that I throw at him. And God knows I have thrown him some heaters. Every day I try to find love within myself and/or in the very least in nature. And that’s me! I’m pretty, pretty, pretty lucky. (Last part to be said in a Larry David voice)" - Andrea Greene

Watch the video interview below.

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