Celebrating Milestones - My First Year in Business

A year this week I took the plunge. Quit my full time, corporate, cushy job and jumped in head first as a freelancer and a business owner.

I can’t believe a whole year has gone by already. I have learned so much, grown a lot and really took a risk to follow a dream and listen to my gut, my heart and jump into something that had completely changed my outlook and given me a confidence I never thought I had.

One year in business down. They say the first year in business is the hardest. It was. I won’t lie and say it was all champagne popping, making it rain and having to turn away all the clients who were rushing to work with me. The first year was filled with me getting the confidence to talk about my business to the world. Establishing my brand, getting clients to trust in my knowledge and expertise, and HUSTLIN’.

Some words of wisdom if you are thinking of launching your own business:

✨TALK ABOUT IT - I was so embarrassed and self conscious to talk about my company when I first started it. I felt like I was an imposter and that people would see me as an amateur and not qualified enough to have my own company. Once I started talking about it, I was pleasantly surprised by my peers and loved ones reaction. I knew it was the right path for me.

✨HANG IN THERE - there will be SO many dark days, doubts and setbacks. KEEP AT IT! The good, sparkly and happiest days have outweighed the bad. The flexibility I’ve had this year to create my own schedule, take vacation, visit my family, spend time with my spouse and take on hobbies that I only dreamed of was the exact reason I chose to be my own boss.

✨NETWORK & COLLABORATE - Vancouver has by far been the most influential and inspiring community I have ever been a part of. The amount of incredibly talented, creative and risk taking individuals I have met in the past year has provided me with so much wisdom, confidence and ideas. If you take ANYTHING away from this post - PLEASE listen when I say NETWORKING & COLLABORATING is by far the BEST way to grow, market and sell your business!