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Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Are you looking to re-set and celebrate yourself, your career or your business and the positive parts of 2020?

Join in on our #CalledToEmpowerChallenge! This is a great opportunity to start off your August on the right foot by feeling re-inspired and motivated to continue to do incredible things in your life, career and business with the help and encouragement of others in our community. 

This challenge is all about empowerment, sharing your career and business journey while working from home during a pandemic. During such a challenging time it is important to come together as a community and empower and uplift all the amazing people in the workplace.

What Should I Expect From The Challenge?

  • Everyday you will be receiving an email with video and written instructions on what the challenge task of the day is. 

  • We encourage you to take the challenge of the day and share your experience and story with our community in an Instagram Post on your feed, or as an Instagram Story. 

  • We also encourage you to interact with and engage with other challenge members to empower and uplift each other as we get through this week together. 

Challenge begins Monday, August 17th - Friday, August 21st.


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