Be Authentic To Yourself and Your Brand

Updated: May 14, 2019

As I sit and prepare for a few upcoming events that I will speak at next week, I am reminded by some great lessons that I learned from my first speaking experience, when I spoke at a convention and represented my brand Pink Crown Creative for the very first time in public last Fall.

The event I spoke at, was filled with 98% males and 2% females. It was intimating to walk into an event with a dress, pink logo, and a pink presentation. My booth was decorated in fuzzy fur, flowers, a #girlbooss sign and sparkles that surrounded my pink business cards. As I prepared for this event, I hesitated as I planned my presentation and my booth. Would people take me seriously? Would they laugh at me? Think I was unintelligent, an amateur or a joke?

Some of my favourite idols, entrepreneurs and business owners who wear dresses, have pink brands, show their true colours, personalities and beliefs within their brands are incredibly successful, inspiring, and influential to me. Why couldn't I be successful showcasing myself in this light too?

As I continued to have all of these doubts in my mind, I surrounded my social media feed and researched tons of brands that were successful, influential and looked just like mine. I decided I needed to stay true to my brand and let go of the imposter syndrome and let go of the way I assumed people would view myself and my brand. If I came up with a killer presentation, given valuable advice and presented myself as an influencer and professional in my industry, people would be forced to see nothing but that.

After all of that, I was pleasantly surprised that sticking with my brand and my beliefs was a huge benefit and a huge reason why I was successful at that event.

What are some of the lessons that I learned while going through this "identity crisis"?