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Why You Should Hire an Intern

Interns are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed employees looking to gain much needed knowledge and experience. In exchange for this, the work they do for you is usually free or minimum wage. Though usually only for short periods of time (3-6 months), interns do the best they can for you and your company. They applied to you because they truly care about your business and its values, and see themselves as fit and qualified.


Why you should hire an intern:

Sharing the work

  • As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you have a huge workload on your back. Hiring an intern is a way to divide up tasks while still putting out high quality work.

New, fresh perspectives

  • Gaining new perspectives is an excellent way to improve your business in ways you might have never even thought about before. At the same time, your intern learns more about the world of business, further broadening their own perspective.

Gives you the opportunity to mentor

  • Being able to mentor an intern and help jump start their career is a feel-good moment to say the least. This not only helps them, but it helps you to grow and evolve as a businessperson as well.


  • It’s always important to expand your network. If everything goes well, your intern will likely be a part of your network for a very long time. This opens up a world of opportunities to help each other in the future.

An internship is essentially a trial period

  • After your intern has completed their contract, they will likely be job hunting. If they were a perfect fit and your financial situation allows, they’d be a wonderful candidate for a job at your company!


From the perspective of an intern, having the opportunity to learn new things and apply my skills is invaluable. The real-life experience that internships provide is something that is extremely helpful for my career advancement. It’s something that studying alone is not able to provide.

If you’re reading this as a student or just starting your career, I would absolutely recommend interning! It’s something I’m so glad I have the opportunity to do and will be forever grateful to have done.

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