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What Are You Waiting For?

Did you know...I started this company in 2015? The idea came to me in a small way, I knew I wanted a voice to inspire and motivate women but I didn’t know what it meant or what it was yet. It took me three years to finally tweak and narrow my focus and finally share with my loved ones and peers my hopes, dreams and goals.

It was a shock to many that I hid this secret and that I didn’t speak about it to anyone. But I was ashamed, terrified, and insecure about my own worth and about my own skill. I was scared to tell others in fear of what they might think. Would they think I was Unqualified? Uninspiring? Unrealistic? All of the UNS.

Once I finally got the courage to share my dreams, vision and goals I was reminded how great of a support system I really had. They encouraged me, supported me and uplifted me into believing that my dreams can be a reality and that I am not silly for believing that I had something there.

So, I am here to tell you that I wish I started sooner! I wish I opened up and shared years ago, but I can’t be regretful of the journey. I am so thankful I FINALLY started. What I am doing is still not everything I want it to be, but it is a START. I am HERE. Everyday. Working on SOMETHING that will someday turn into my wildest dreams only because I FINALLY began.



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