My First Speaking Engagement As Pink Crown Creative

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

I did it! It's over! I can breathe!

Ever since I was asked in August by a dear friend to be a speaker at the Good Water Warehouse Convention and Trade Show in Calgary on October 11th, I have had it on my mind 24/7. When I first got the e-mail, I was absolutely giddy with excitement and extremely flattered that someone would think of me and my business as being a thought leader in my industry and that I would be a good fit as a speaker at this event.

In my career, I have had many opportunities to speak at meetings, presentations, and events. I usually am the first to jump to the opportunity to speak as I have learned to enjoy it and have thrived under the pressure ever since I took the Dale Carnegie course 5 years ago. The course provided me with effective tips and tricks in public speaking and gave me the confidence to speak on the fly about anything without sweating it. But this felt different. This would be my first speaking engagement as the founder of a company. I felt a great weight and responsibility to this role.