Keep Calm and Pivot

Have you ever planned an event, a trip or even just your day so carefully to make sure everything goes the way you intend it to, but something goes wrong; someone didn’t show up or you accidentally spill coffee on your white shirt?

Here’s what you need to do when things go awry: pivot.

Pivoting is a widely known marketing strategy used by industry professionals as well as startup business owners to accommodate any unplanned mishaps that may have occurred in the early or late stages of a product or event launch.

It is easy to forget how often your plan can change, willingly or not, every successful business owner needs to be adaptable to unforeseen conditions and incoming challenges. Pivoting can range from small to exponential changes; from allocating funds from one place to another to completely rebranding and acquiring new stakeholders.

The marketing world is a minefield due to its ever-changing trends and policies. To be successful in the field, you need to be able to revisit and alter the strategies you have developed.

It’s scary, nerve-wracking and extremely risky but if you believe in your business and you believe in what you need to do to elevate it even further, the rewards will outweigh the risks.

How exactly do you pivot?