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How To Collaborate With Brands

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Collaborating with brands can be a good way of gaining exposure and also creating meaningful relationships with brands that align with your business. However, something you should keep in mind is working with a brand that has something to do with your business. Collaborating with brands is all about support, so your interests and goals must align in some way. You can start by brainstorming some possible brands you are considering, so when contacting them it is easier for you to go through a list and narrow down your options.

Something that is usually assumed when trying to collaborate with a brand is that you need a considerable amount of followers or you that you need to be a big blogger. This is not true, you just need a good strategy and a list of ideas that take you closer to these brands.

When making a list make sure to consider these things:

  • Think about the products they offer

  • Think about your target audience

  • Visualize if it fits with your personal brand

For this last one, you can check out this blog post that explains how to create a vision board that encompasses your brand, goals, and long-term ideas.

Once you have all of that written down, you can start approaching brands. Here is a brief guide on how to start:

Make The Target Brand Aware Of Your Existence

Once you have selected which brand to approach it is important for them to know who you are. Social media, especially Instagram, is a popular stream through which people engage and communicate with brands they want to collaborate with. Make sure you are following the brand and if you can try to be as engaging as you can with that brand by liking, commenting, and if possible tagging them in your posts.

Make Sure To Stick With A Social Media Site

Choosing a specific social media site helps you be more consistent and present with your audience. If you focus on one or two social media channels it will be easier for you to focus on delivering quality content. Make sure you have a defined username alongside a clear biography and a consistent feed. If you lean more towards a blog, try to be posting at least once a week, and make sure you are focusing on keywords that give you the relevance you need to gain exposure.

Even If Your Are Small, Try To Establish An Engaging Community

It is so important for you to show the brand that you are passionate about the content you are promoting or creating and that you have been able to establish a community. This shows that you are constantly active and communicating with people around you that share your same ideals and passions.

Come Up With A Pitch

Once you have decided which brand to approach you need to make sure that you have a formal, concise, and straightforward pitch. You need to make sure it includes only relevant information and that it is concise so the one who is reading it is actually invested in what you have to say. Here is a rough draft of some of the things you should consider:

  1. Start with a subject: make it brief but interesting to read

  2. Continue with a brief but specific introduction of yourself and the brand, talking about what your brand is about, your target audience, the community you relate to, and most importantly, how you think your brand relates to the one you are sending the pitch to.

  3. Include a link to your preferred social media channel this can be Instagram, Twitter, or a blog.

  4. Make sure to state any relevant numbers such as engagement rates, followers, audience demographics, etc.

  5. If you have worked with previous brands make sure to list them and if not make sure to record your monthly growth and include that on your social media channels.

  6. Be specific of what you want to achieve through your collaboration, be sure to include the details and be creative and specific about them.

Try to keep it at 3 paragraphs max, remember that the person who is reading your email is going to go through it as fast as they can so make each word count.

Collaborate with us!

Since we are on the topic of collaborating with brands, it is worth mentioning that at Pink Crown Creative we love to collaborate and work with other brands. See some examples of our past collaborations here

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