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Have you met Dwania Peele from Canadian Small Business Women?

In this weeks episode, I speak with Dwania Peele, the Owner and Executive Director of Canadian Small Business Women.

We discuss:

- how she started a resource that didn't exist when she started her own business

- how she stood out and made a lasting impression at her first networking event

- our mutual dislike for reaction of "Good For You!" as a woman in business

- how she juggles working full time, running a business, and events

- how she found success running online events early on in the pandemic

- lessons from running virtual events and how it is ever changing as we continue to navigate working and living in a pandemic

- two book she published in 2020 & why she is passionate about telling stories of female immigrants and entrepreneurs

Dwania Peele is the Owner and Executive Director of Canadian Small Business Women. A lover of entrepreneurship, volunteering and networking, Dwania strives to inspire aspiring and current entrepreneurs in Canada. A Chemist and Political Scientist by training and education, but an entrepreneur at heart, Dwania has started 2 successful businesses since 2008. In 2013, Canadian Small Business Women began serving as a platform for aspiring and current small business women of Canada. Through e-courses, blogs, online chats, Seminars and Expos, CSBW provides avenues for entrepreneurs to showcase their expertise. Dwania continues to make an impact by appearing as a Panelist and Keynote Speaker across North America to provide valuable insight to those in need. She also champions the success of entrepreneurs and it is reflected in her new books The Power Within: Inspiring Stories of Female Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Voices of Strength: Inspiring Stories of Female Entrepreneurs

Host Lindsay Dent, Founder & CEO of Pink Crown Creative @_lindsaydent & @pinkcrowncreative Email for sponsor opportunities, guest appearances or collaborations. Guests Dwania Peele, Founder of Canadian Small Business Women Instagram: Facebook: Clubhouse:

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