Sober Spring Detox Challenge Diary

Four weeks ago on Saturday, March 24th I decided to take a full month off from drinking alcohol. This decision came from almost two months of suffering from insomnia, depression, high anxiety and constant break outs. I was exhausted, anxious and extremely irritated all the time. I felt I finally needed to take action on my life and figure out a healthy strategy to get a handle on some of the unhealthy habits I have created for myself since I have been running my own business, and working from home full time.

I have always envied people who take one month a YEAR to detox and reset by avoiding alcoholic beverages. I truly never thought I would be able to do this, or that I would ever have the will power to complete this kind of challenge. There was ALWAYS an excuse. Someone's birthday, an event, a celebration, the sun is out, a patio opportunity...there was ALWAYS something. Now that I have completed the challenge, I feel silly thinking how many excuses I came up with. I am glad I took the time to find it in me to take on this challenge and to complete it successfully. I thought that April was going to be such an "easy" month to take on. I had nothing planned except the anticipation of a few bachelorette parties and weddings, starting next week. I thought it would be easy; as there were no planned events, parties or birthdays that I needed to deal with. What I found, was that my life; personal and professional, is surrounded by alcohol and that there truly will never be a time that these temptations won't come up or interfere with my choice to not drink. It was a true testament to my will power, my friend group, as well as to my lifestyle choices.

Week 1 - what I thought was going to be an incredibly easy first week, proved me wrong on the very FIRST night.

Saturday, March 24th: We got invited to a Comedy Show, the Comedy Basement at Goldie's. I don't think I have ever been sober at a comedy show before. Everything most definitely is wayyyyy funnier, and it is such a social environment that drinking is always involved. I noticed, I tried to avoid the conversation of "why are you not drinking" by ordering Gingerale with a lime in it (as it resembled a mixed drink). I ended up enjoying the show, and definitely still found it funny. Successful night number one DOWN.

Sunday, March 25th: The first REAL test. Who would have thought that a SUNDAY would be my worst enemy as I started my long month of not drinking. The first event on this Sunday was a brunch at S+L Kitchen with my team and our spouses that featured $3 mimosas and $4 caesars. THIS was extremely hard as I love brunch and I love cheap brunch drinks! The second event was a VIP shopping party with the Vancouver Fashion Truck, where my client had the most beautiful display of champagne cocktails. Followed by a gathering at one of our new neighbour's apartment, where he served us appetizers and offered me a glass of red from one of my favourite BC wine's Adega on 45th . This was the moment I thought I was done for. I felt a sense of embarrassment rejecting his kind hospitality, (I also REALLY did not