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How To Endure A Pandemic: The marketing Way

For the past couple of months the entire world has been trying to survive COVID-19, a pandemic no one saw coming. Given the current situation, it comes as no surprise that almost every single business, entrepreneur, and industry, has been highly impacted. Today's blog post is not meant to be another article that talks about the virus that has changed our lives. This blog post can be seen as an insight into the marketing minds of many small businesses.

A survey done by Bluehost to multiple businesses has shared some of the biggest challenges that business owners have encountered over the last couple of months. The infographics developed through these surveys, share some statistics on how despite everything, small businesses are pushing back and adapting to this new reality. These infographics show how essential things such as digital marketing, website traffic, e-commerce, shipping, and handling among other things have become necessities for any business who is trying to remain competitive.

In moments like this, where everything seems to be frozen by something that is completely out of our control, strategies that are driven by our passions for doing what be love, need to come through. We probably have heard a thousand times how we should focus on things that we enjoy doing, pursuing our dreams and passions, and more importantly never give up on those. Well, that is where those cheesy reminders come in handy.

Bluehost's survey revealed that despite the current obstacles, there are still some businesses that remain positive and optimistic about the future. Business owners have learned how to adapt and develop their current tactics through different strategies. This has been an absolute challenge for some businesses because they have had to change their ways of doing things, and for some this has been impossible at first. But as it has been shown by the surveys

"There's a readiness to preserve, adapt, and make key changes for future growth"

The pandemic has brought many changes but not all of them are bad, some of them have brought opportunities for future growth, and that is where you should start focusing on.

Here are some areas you can strategize and focus on whenever you are feeling unmotivated:

1. Finding success online

Bluehost's survey has shown that many businesses have shifted and worked on developing their online presence since quarantine began. This includes working on adjusting their website's format, making it as easy to navigate and be as accessible as possible. Even if your business had a stronger physical presence, developing an online presence allows you to have so much potential for future growth. Even before the pandemic started, there were a lot of people who preferred online shopping over visiting the store. So, make the necessary changes, be open to adapting to new opportunities while still maintaining what makes your business unique.

2. Understanding the new normality

Even though there might be plenty of hard times given the uncertainty of the situation and obstacles that might step in your way, it is best to try to understand the situation than fight against it. Even if it feels impossible at times, it is best to focus on doing some research, come up with strategies and test out other possible solutions for your business.

3. Turning the pandemic into the fuel to fulfill your passion.

Many people have found this time of stillness and uncertainty as the perfect opportunity to launch their business. This is a time in which we need to take advantage of projects or ideas we have set aside and bring them alive. Everyone is finding new ways to be successful and to gain exposure. There are certain guidelines that you can use to launch your idea but in times like this, being innovative and finding unique ways of breaking through can be a great start.

Right now, there is also an increasing focus on the upcoming holiday season. How is that going to look?

We are usually used to this time traditionally being hectic and busy with most of our time spent waiting lines in almost every single store. But what happens to that normality when we face a pandemic?

Here are a couple of tips we recommend:

1. Take a look into some of the public insights shared in regards to the retail sector during COVID-19. This will help you with the decisions you need to make for the upcoming season.

2. Recognize the need for speedy and active communication. Now more than ever you should focus on the way that your service is being delivered and how customers feel about that. Make sure to develop enough channels through which your customers feel comfortable communicating.

3. Learn and understand the importance of digital presence.

4. Creating connections with your employees is extremely important. Make sure to develop and strengthen communication channels with them, especially during this time of uncertainty.

That is all for today! I hope this blog post provided you with some insights into what has been going on during these unexpected times!

With the holiday season just around the corner at Pink Crown Creative, we are more than happy to help you alleviate your fears and help you come up with a solid and confident plan to finish this year as strong as possible!!

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  • Sales follow up strategy

  • Social media strategy

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