Business Owner Spotlight – Chelsea from Project You

1. Introduce yourself! Who are you & what do you do?

My name is Chelsea Burwash and I am the owner of an all Women’s networking and empowerment group called Project YOU. Our mission is to bring women together and dive deeper into topics surrounding our four main values: SOUL, VOICE, PERCEPTION and PASSION. I am a mom to a beautiful 7 year old named Alyssa and married to my junior high sweetheart Chris.

2. How did you get to this point in your business journey?

When I had my daughter, I was a stay at home mom and absolutely loved it. As she grew up, as kids do, I started to feel the need to pursue something more outside the household that was just for me. When my daughter started Kindergarten I started a designer Consigment business called West Coast Chic. I went from 0-100 really quickly and threw myself into the business. I started attending networking events and meeting so many incredible women that inspired me and who were so supportive. After a few years running the consignment business, I felt like I needed more. I was craving a career where I felt like I was making a positive impact on the people around me. My business didn’t feel fulfilling anymore and I started to pray for a sign on what to do next. I took my Yoga Teacher training more for some soul searching and connecting with my purpose than actually teaching yoga. Right before my training ended, the opportunity to take over the reins at Project YOU came about. It scared the shit out of me so of course I said YES! I didn’t have any experience in running events and talking in front of crowds of women was terrifying. In the past year since I have taken it over, I have thrown 11 successful events where I have the opportunity to give back and create something really special. I wake up excited knowing that I am doing something that I am passionate about and that forces me to level up in every way possible.

3. Do you have a morning routine? If so – take us through it!

I actually think morning routines are so important. They set the tone for your whole day and for me what that looks like is having a positive mindset. Full disclosure I have had a hard time getting back on track after the holidays but I am committed. Also, I am practicing being easier on myself if I’m not doing things perfectly. I learned from a Mastermind that I was a part of that it’s super beneficial to plan out your day the night before so there’s actually a planner that I use so I know what’s coming up.

My ideal morning routine looks like this:

Wake up at 6, drink a glass of water and get in a quick meditation. I recently found this amazing app called Think Up that records affirmations in your own voice on a loop. I put this on as I am getting ready for the da and it’s super effective. I make my daugheter’s lunch and head to the gym to get my body moving. I come home, finish getting her ready and take her to school and then I am ready to tackle my work tasks for the day.

4. What’s one thing you cannot function without?