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Seven Ways To Attract Money in 2019

How do you attract money in your life? "Money is a materialistic item we invented to build and survive. Although worth nothing outside of society, it's also what grants us the freedom we need to pursue our goals." - @foxxfeminist

Here Are Seven Ways To Attract Money In 2019

· Educate yourself - find a course, an event, webinar or new book that sparks your interest and fuels your craving for a subject, program, skill that you have been curious to learn about, brush up on, or master. 

· Networking - get out and meet new people. The best way to find new clients, meet new connects and nurture strategic relationships are to network. The winter months are the best times to use your resources and get out of the stuffy office, (or the comfort of your cushy couch), get some fresh air, and meet potential leads that could transform into new clients during your slow seasons. 

· Discipline yourself - New Year, new you? You don't have to go overboard in being strict on yourself in January, but starting the New Year with some discipline, routine and some structure will definitely bring back the motivation that you may have lost during the holidays. Instead of creating one yearlong goal, which usually we give up in less than a month, why don't you start small? Have one goal a week, one goal a month, or one goal a quarter. Start there, and slowly add new goals each week that are easy to accomplish, so you can avoid burning out too fast. As well, add some goals that are challenging so you can celebrate and feel accomplished when those tough goals have been checked off the list.Share your knowledge - become a mentor, write a blog post, take a colleague out for coffee. Being an expert at something and sharing that knowledge with another is an extremely valuable way to bring back good karma to your life. That person may be your employee one day, be a great referral, and become your client. The sky truly is the limit. When we share our knowledge, we are opening up the doors for us to nurture someone else.

· Don't be afraid to ask for help - whether you are a CEO, Sales Rep, Assistant or Intern, everyone needs help. Asking for help is a great way to save time, learn something new, open the doors to a professional skill and relationship you didn't know could exist. It also makes you human. There is no shame in asking for help; it actually makes us far more interesting and relatable to our peers, employees and colleagues. 

· Learn from the successful - What are other successful business owners are doing. What makes them successful? Are they writing more emails? Calling more people? Going to more networking events? Remembering everyone’s name in the room? Slicing their deals during Boxing Day? What is it that you admire about their companies and their brands? January is a great time to reflect on the last year in business that we have. What did you learn from your own successes? Was it easy? Were their challenges along the way? Did it feel good once it was completed? Did you celebrate? What would you do differently? What would you do the same? Taking the time to reflect on what made us successful is a really humbling exercise. Sometimes, the success really blinds us from the smaller, more meaningful things that made that success actually happen. Was it from someone we met? Something new we learned? A risk that we took? Take a moment, and see how you can replicate that same success this year. 

· Learn from the failures - Reflecting on the failures of 2018 is an extremely important step to take in learning how not to do those mistakes in your company. I truly believe that failures are what make us grow as a business and really love to reflect on past failures and see the connection on how they linked to something that turned into a success. Were they paying attention? Were they rushed? Were they just in it for the money? Did they damage a relationship in the process? Did they have the right tools and knowledge at the time? Did they make up for their mistakes and make it better? How could this of been avoided? Taking a cue from those businesses that may have failed last year is a great manual to read and learn what not to do. If we do not have failures, we don't appreciate the successes that come to us.

Now go out there and get that money - money - money! I hope this brought you lots of motivation to attract money in 2019 and that all of your business goals come true.



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