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7 Tips on Staying Motivated While Developing a Business or Project

1. Set a personal mission statement. Ask yourself, what is your passion?

By discovering what your passions are, it can help motivate you along the way, challenge yourself creatively, and remind you why you started this journey to begin with. You started for a reason, and you can accomplish it!

2. Follow your plan.If you never try, you’ll never know!

When developing your plan, you need to make these dreams become reality. Even if it means taking a major risk, it is a lesson waiting to be learned. You don’t want to look back wishing you did something and let it stall your process. Even if you look back and things went wrong, you still tried and maybe even found something better to replace it with.

3. Set time for yourself. It’s important to look after yourself alongside your business.

Sometimes we can be diving so deep into a project, staying up extra hours, eating more fast food or even not eating, that we lose sight of ourselves. Yes, it is a good thing to be in love with your business and projects, but ensure that you are looking after yourself and making sure you are well rested. That way you can put even more energy into it!

4. Set goals for yourself. What do you want to accomplish over time? Celebrate them every step of the way!

Setting goals can help you follow your plans and grow from them. You can make your own roadmap and destination. Your hard work does not go unnoticed. You are doing more than you think. In fact, let us know about it! Celebrate #MyChampagneLaunch + #MyChampagneStory: a series where we share stories about why you started your business, exciting milestones, and all things in between! Submit your story here!

5.Similar to tip 4, Celebrate Milestones.It takes a lot to do what you do. Enjoy it!

Just developed a plan? Celebrate! Just close your first deal? Celebrate? Got out of bed in the morning even though it was painful to do so? CELEBRATE!

6. Don’t be afraid to ask for help along the way. Everyone has been there at some point.

Asking someone to be a mentor or needing some guidance can actually help you gain a new perspective or push you to do something you never thought you would. Advice is always great and hearing someone elses journey can help you avoid mistakes or missteps and inspire you.

7. Don’t let your first tries and failures define your business. Every step leads to somewhere!

You are going to go through many adventures when developing a business and/or project... but that is what makes it beautiful. You will learn so much during the journey that you will be able to carry all of the wisdom and lessons with you in your next project. You got this!

Guest Blog Author - Emily Cook - 4th Year Comm Student at SFU

Emily is an undergraduate student at SFU and is majoring in Communication. 

She has developed a passion for social media and is intrigued about how the way we use it changes everyday. Emily remembers picking up her first magazine at age 11 and falling in love with the designs. At that moment- she knew that one day, she wanted to be involved in the creative field/world that is filled with endless possibilities. When Emily is not creating, you can catch her shamelessly watching reality television, singing a song from some musical, attending a concert, and getting lost in a coffee shop

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