5 Ways To Ask For More Money & Get It!

Last night I attended YES Vancouver's event "Know Your Worth: Ask For What You Want. Get What You Deserve". This topic hits really close to home for me as I feel I have struggled many times in my career to ask for what I deserve. With the right pep talk and confidence I have surprised myself with the amount of times I felt "ballsy" enough to ask for a raise, a bonus or negotiate a salary when being hired to work with a new company. It saddens me that something that should be a mandatory step in my career, to ASK for more and get what I deserve is considered a "ballsy" move. The reality is, men are asking ALL the time, and they are receiving it. This isn't seen as "ballsy" to them, it is necessary in achieving the kind of life they want to live. Don't we deserve to live that kind of life too?

Some of the speakers from last night had incredible advice to give, as well, sparked some real truths that I had forgot about while remembering what is was like to work in the corporate world. Now that I am a solopreneur and a freelancer, now more than ever is it important for me to gain the confidence to feel proud of the rates I am setting for myself, and knowing the skills and talent that I have is WORTH someone paying top dollar for.

There are Three Toxic Money Myths that hold people back when it comes to asking, receiving and accepting:

1. There is not enough money

2. More money is better

3. That's just the way it is and there is nothing you can do about it.

Some other fears people have about money is that they are not enough, not worthy or that they have a fear of greatness. Do these sound silly to you? Sure they do, but when it comes down to you skills, confidence and worth, a lot of people get blinded by their fears and insecurities which ultimately holds them back for asking for more.

I have gathered 5 of the top pieces of advice that I learned last night and throughout my career to help give you a better idea of how you too can feel confident to get that raise, ask for a higher salary when accepting a job and setting the kind of fair rates you deserve for your products and services.