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Tips for Blog Writing

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In its simplest form, writing is a great way to express yourself. In a professional form, it’s a way to communicate to your audience relevant topics while establishing yourself as a reliable source of information. As you blog, you develop your online presence. If the blogs you write are effective, you’re building your audience, and possibly converting them to customers or clientele.

Blog Writing, How to Write a Blog, Tips and tricks

Here are some tips for writing a blog effectively:

  • Your headline is the most important part of your blog. The preview text is the second most important. These should be informative, exciting, interesting, or all of the above.

  • Don’t be afraid to jump around in your draft - it’s almost like a solo brainstorming session if you do. You can organize your thoughts later.

  • Remember that this is a blog, not an essay. You don’t have to meet a specific word count, and you can play around with grammar and sentence structure.

  • Be as candid and casual, or not, as you choose.

  • This is your blog. Your unique perspective is what people want to read about.

  • On the same note: find a topic that interests you. But you must also know your audience and what appeals to them.

  • Try to avoid saying the same thing or word too frequently. The thesaurus is your friend!

  • Break up your page with subheadings and smaller, easily-digestible paragraphs. Utilize bullet-points where necessary as well.

  • Add relevant images.

  • Optimize for SEO.

  • Take a break. Come back to your blog some time later, there will always be something that needs a little tweaking.


Having a blog is a great way for your audience to get to know yourself and / or your business. It’s a way to establish yourself as an authority, build rapport with your audience, and share your thoughts, perspectives, tips, and stories. As your blog grows and develops, it becomes something of a small library with a lot of interesting and important information. Using these tips, grow your blog in a way to truly connect with your viewers and create lasting relationships!


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