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Snail Mail is Alive & Well

After attending Canada Post's Age of Me event last week, I was reminded of my favourite direct mail marketing stories to date. In 2013, when I worked for a Canadian IT consulting company in the marketing department, I received a piece of mail that made me think differently about the power of direct mail.

I received these two cupcakes, one with the logo of the company I worked for and one with the logo of the company that sent me the cupcakes.

Attached to the mail was a package that said “from your secret admirer”....did this get my attention?!

- Personalize package with my name on it? yes! - Secret admirer? yes!

- Cupcakes? Heck yes!

After receiving this package, from a company called The Printing House Canada, a printing company that specializes in printed marketing collateral, I became a customer and even continued my business with them when I moved from Toronto to Vancouver and even when I eventually changed companies. I actually can’t tell you the amount of times I have shared this story or how many times I continue to reference it when I try to think of new and exciting ways to get in front of my target market.

What have you done in your marketing lately that has made someone:

- A loyal customer? - A brand advocate? - Surprised & delighted?

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