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"Mastering Pinterest" has now launched!

Does trying to stay on top of your social media channels overwhelm you?

Do you find yourself having a hard time marketing yourself or your business?

Have you been looking for an easy, digestible step-by-step guide to conquer your social media goals?

Well… we have some good news for you!

Introducing “Mastering Pinterest” by Pink Crown Creative!

This guide includes

  • In-depth information from A-Z

  • Beginner and DIY friendly formats

  • Checklists, goal sheets, templates, printables, and so much more!

The inspiration behind this guide and our two others was YOU - our lovely Pink Crown Creative community. These guides were created to inspire, educate, support, empower and celebrate you and your business. We curated these with our love and knowledge to help you grow and market yourself or your business.

The Pinterest solution is for you if:

  • You’re an entrepreneur or business with a small budget

  • You know that having a Pinterest would benefit you greatly, but you don’t know where to start

  • You already have a Pinterest account and post on it, but feel overwhelmed and might not fully understand the platform

  • Any time you try to take some time for Pinterest, it’s an information overload, causing you to instead focus on what you already know

  • You want to teach your team more about this platform!

“Mastering Pinterest” launched on the Pink Crown Creative website July 14, 2021, along with “Digital Marketing Campaigns 101,” and “The Ultimate Instagram Guide for Your Business.” You can purchase them individually for $50CAD each by clicking here!

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