How To Use Your Own Expertise To Create Engaging Content

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Creating content sometimes is a sore spot for most business owners. The pressure that society has put on us to create picture perfect content has stopped a lot of business owners from creating or posting anything at all because they feel so overwhelmed by the pressure of it all that they would rather do nothing than feel ashamed of their lack of skills and creativity. 


If this sounds like you, I am here to tell you that creating your own content is easier than it sounds and the truth is, you actually hold ALL of the wisdom, knowledge and insight in the palm of your hands and people are dying to hear from you! 

If you own your own business, or have years of experience in a particular industry, you most definitely are an expert at what you do.  

Sharing content that is useful information and relevant to your business or industry encourages your audience to interact with your brand through the content you are posting and creating. It can be seen as helpful or interesting insider knowledge to those who are not experts (like you) in an industry or on a topic. 

There are many different mediums available today that you can use at your disposable to create engaging content. If you are not a graphic designer and want to test out your creative skills and create your own content, platforms like Canva are great for beginners to create their own content for free (or for a monthly fee to have access to more features). If you are looking for a more professional touch, hiring a graphic designer is a great way to get started on creating beautiful content that is sure to engage your audience. 

The most popular platforms to share your content are on social media channels (InstagramFacebookYouTube) your own website, a blog, through newsletters or email.

The average person gets overwhelmed about creating new content, as they feel like they don’t know what to say. They don’t know what to share. They don’t know what will be impactful. But the secret lies in you. You already have the skills, experience and talent, why not share what you already know, or better yet, what you have already created and share that! 

Finding a way to repurpose content (like this article, which was repurposed from a Webinar I hosted last May.) that you have already created, saves lots of time and it is a great way to continue to reuse something you have already taken so much time and effort to create.