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HerChats at Hervana: Attracting Your Ideal Clients

Your company is launched, website is up and social media pages are brimming with beautiful content, one problem – you have no clients or customers!

How do you find them?

There are a few things you can do to make sure getting new clients isn’t an ongoing battle.

Join us November 20th to find out how to reach your perfect clients.

Join Lindsay Dent from Pink Crown Creative to help answer your questions and create your ideal customer avatar to pinpoint and know exactly the type of client or customer you want to attract. It’s the characteristics and makeup of the exact type of person you’re trying to reach with your business. It’s the face of your dream client.

Learn how you can use this information to:

  • create the right kind of content and messaging at the right stage in the buying process 

  • stop wasting time, money and energy on the wrong audience

  • create a more focused and strategic marketing strategy 

Click here for tickets.

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