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Have you met Mandy Balak from the Ace Collective yet?

Have you met Mandy Balak from The Ace Collective yet?

Mandy Balak is the Founder and CEO of The ACE Collective – a community that helps driven Entrepreneurs create thriving businesses without the burnout. Mandy is a visionary and activator and all-around advocate for women in business. With over a decade of experience building community and values-driven businesses, she brings a wealth of experience to the table through her Business Playbook, Coaching, Courses and Retreats. She Mandy is a lover of going all in and believes that absolutely anything is possible when you lead with heart-first hustle. She’s a dream it, say it and do it kind of gal that is passionate about helping others live their dreams.

In this episode we discuss:

- Her passion for opening doors for women entrepreneurs by providing them with tools to prevent burnout.

- How she got into the entrepreneur lifestyle as a result of a personal challenge

- Dealing with failure, how it affected her personally and how to move past from it.

- The importance of community and being able to talk with others.

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