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Have You Met Her Yet? - Shannon Frame

Updated: May 6, 2020

In this week's episode, we speak with Shannon Frame, the Founder of The Collective Alchemy.

Shannon is a breathwork facilitator in Whistler, BC.  It was Shannon's interest in meditation as a way to slow down, that led her towards the path of breathwork.  She fell in love with breathwork as a way to relieve anxiety and stress by calming the nervous system, and as a way to connect deeply with her soul.  As someone who loves connecting people, her goal is to build a community through her breathwork sessions where others can experience the same limitless possibilities of healing and awakening, simply by breathing.  She believes that breathwork allows us to open up our mind, body and soul, so we can go a little deeper, release what we no longer need, and start truly living the life we all deserve.  The transformative nature of breathwork combined with the unexpected is something she loves sharing with others.  Shannon hosts public and private group breathwork sessions in the Sea to Sky as well as private 1:1 sessions.  She is also the founder of UNLEASH Whistler.  Please feel free to reach out to her at 604.562.6494 or find her at @thecollectivealchemy if you want to join a session or just reach out to chat and learn more. 

Watch the video interview below.

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