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5 Tips to Prepare for Rise Women's Conference This Weekend

If you are attending Rise Women's Conference this weekend or have a conference coming up, here are 5 tips to ensure you are prepared and ready to make the most of your Rise experience.

1. Pack light

Bring a small purse or bag that holds a few pens, mints, a note book (if you are an old school pen and paper gal like me), and business cards.

Pro tip: Bring a foldable bag in case there are papers, swag or extra gear you receive at the conference that you want to take home with you.

2. Charge your devices

There is nothing worse that trying to connect with a new person, trying to take notes, or wanting to record that groundbreaking speech when your battery starts to hover in the dreaded “red” zone. Before you leave the house, ensure all of your devices are charged up and ready to go. Remove any extra storage that may cause your device to not work.

Pro tip: bring a plug. Heading to Rise this weekend? Pink Crown Creative will the “phone charging sponsor” for the weekend, so if you get a low battery, stop by our "Powered by Creativity" booth and charge up!

3. Review the schedule

My favourite things about conference is learning the schedule. What time does it start? Who will be speaking? When will there be lunch? Will there be a happy hour? Plan a head of time to arrive early to get an ideal seat, network and do a visual scan of who you want to speak with during breaks.

Pro tip: review attendee lists and make a “hit list” which is a list of people who you know are speaking or attending a head of time so you can ensure you can brush up on their names, do a quick history lesson (aka: creep their latest posts to see what they are up to), and ensure you meet and talk to them at the event.

4. Get business cards

If you are looking to make a business connection, keep in touch with new friends, enter contests at the event or spread awareness about your brand, get some business cards! Some people think that business cards might be outdated, but they are the best way for someone to connect you with your name and your brand. When I receive a business card from someone I just met, I use it as an opportunity to remember their name and write a quick note about them. If I happen to meet them in the future, this action will help me  remember them when I meet them again. 

Pro tip: Want to save the environment and connect digitally? Download the LinkedIn app and learn how to connect with your new friend or lead by getting them to connect with you through bluetooth. After you have met them, send them a quick “hi and nice to meet you” note, so you can remind yourself where you met them. It also is an easy way to get them to remember you as well.

5. Remember names

Saying someones name is the sweetest sound to their ears. When someones name is heard, they feel important, remembered and special. If you suffer from “short term name memory loss” like most people, try and test your self by actually TRYING to remember someones name. Make it a goal for the day to remember as many people as possible.

Pro tip: When someone introduces themselves and says their name, repeat it. Especially if it is a unique one you have never heard of, or if you have trouble pronouncing it. A few more tips include asking them how to spell it, associate it with a celebrity or someone who know who has the same name and continuing to repeat it in the conversation so you can mentally remember it.


RISE and thrive with Pink Crown Creative at the RISE Women's Conference coming to North Vancouver's beautiful Pipe Shop Venue this weekend, October 25th -27th.

The RISE is the leading voice for leaders creating a community that fosters networking with like-minded individuals, professional and personal growth and advances the connections of women whether you are a C-suite leader, entrepreneur, aspiring leader, home engineer, seeker, creative or dreamer...we see you, we hear you and we are rising with you.

The RISE experience is high energy, high impact and high vibe. We are not your basic business conference - we promise. This conference is designed for women who are seeking growth, inspiration and connection in their personal lives, businesses and careers.

Guests can expect two and a half action packed days featuring world-class speakers, mentor power-hours, influential panels, mindfulness activities, an interactive marketplace and networking with a community of highly achieving women who are on the RISE.

Pink Crown Creative is excited to be a media and phone charging sponsor, so make sure you stop by Pink Crown Creative’s "Powered by Creativity" booth to say hi and charge up your devices!

We are thrilled to give our community a special offer for 20% off tickets to the conference. Use promo code “PINKCROWN” at check out. Get your tickets here.


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