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Women are Powerful AF

Photo by @carlalanosillustrations

I cannot articulate how much I want to scream from the mountain tops about how big my love, support, excitement, drive and weakness is for WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN.

I get it, it’s a “buzz word” that has been thrown around social media, and for some it may seem like an empty statement. But GD. Tonight I attended One Tough Mother x @unguiltyclub event “Unguilty Bodies” and I can’t shake the feeling of being filled with so much PRIDE, COMFORT, CONNECTION, & UNDERSTANDING as I felt during that event and being a WOMAN!

I am not even a mother yet, but it made me feel so emotional hearing the stories, intentions and dreams other women have for their children and want to unlearn and reshape the conversations, statements and comments that not only we may say to our children but what we say to ourselves that was ingrained in us as children/teens/adults/mothers.

It brought up so much past guilt, shame, judgement, and punishment for me. It was a wonderful release and something I had no idea I needed to have the permission to feel.

We need this conversation.

We need this support.

We need this love.

When women talk, share, connect and FEEL together, incredible things happen. I never want it to end. 💕


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