6 Ways to make an impression and be memorable at Networking Events

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Right now, off the top of your head. Think about 5 people you genuinely like. Maybe they are a close friend, family member, colleague, mentor, lover, whatever. What is it that you like about them?

When you sit and try and list all of the reasons why you like them, do any of these thoughts come up?

- they make me laugh

- they make me feel good about myself

- they remember things about me

- they give me good advice

- they have my best interest at heart

- they are compassionate

- they show interest in my life

- they listen

Any of these statements sound familiar when describing these people?

In today's world, we are so "connected" yet so "disconnected" at the same time. We have become so lazy as a species since the inception of the "smart phone" that we don't even need to remember an important phone number, birthday or fact about someone as there is always the "back up" memory drive in our smart phone devices and social media apps to do the remembering and reminding for us. It actually takes a lot of time and effort to remember the people we meet, the meaningful moments, and important data as we just don't HAVE to remember anymore since our devices do this for us. Sure, we have gained a lot in the last ten years, but what have we lost in return?

Whenever I meet some