Why You Should Invest in a Conference for your Business

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Fall is here and conference season is upon us! Vancouver is filled with many exciting conferences coming to our city, more specifically this weekend, Vancouver will be host to Rise Women’s Conference which is filled with a well curated lineup of thought leaders, game-changers, and motivational keynotes that is sure to inspire the women of Vancouver to RISE up and reach for more! Check out thee incredible list of influential speakers here.


Have you been thinking of investing in a conference, like Rise, but are unsure if you can justify the cost? I hear you, and I am here to tell you that I too have questioned investments in myself and my business in the past. When considering committing myself to a conference, I try to take it upon myself  to be open and unintimidated with the investment of  conferences if it checks off these goals I have when attending such an event.

Some questions I ask myself are: 

  • Will I leave feeling motivated and full of creativity?

  • Will I feel fulfilled my need to stay up to date and current in my industry?

  • Will I feel inspired by thought leaders and business owners who I look up to?

  • Will I feel like it fuelled my soul with intentional connections that not only feed desire to connect with like minded women but drove me to support and cheer on other women I interact with?

The answer is YES!