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Sleep For Side Hustlers Podcast Interview - Starting and Marketing your Business

In December we were interviewed on the The Sleep For Side Hustlers Podcast. Listen to the episode below and learn more about our Founder, Lindsay Dent.

Starting and Marketing your Business with Lindsay Dent from Pink Crown Creative

Lindsay Dent is a marketing expert with an extensive and accomplished career. She is the Founder and CEO of Pink Crown Creative, a creative agency and community that empowers women.

She also is a Recruiter at the Smart, Savvy + Associates recruitment agency for communication and marketing positions.

Lindsay has expanded her interests into media, running her own podcast entitled Have You Met Her Yet? where she shines a light on women in the workplace.

In this episode…

Starting your own business is challenging. Anyone who’s tried will quickly tell you that much. The combination of competition, internal factors, and monetary concerns is enough to make it a difficult prospect. People will also tell you that there’s no magic solution to it all. The best you can do is try it yourself and listen to the people who’ve done it before.

Lindsay Dent didn’t initially see herself as an entrepreneur but is now the Founder of Pink Crown Creative: a Canadian creative agency that emphasizes women. Using prior experience and finding her niche, she grew a successful company. Lindsay is here to share her story so you can learn from her experience.

In this episode of The Sleep For Side Hustlers Podcast, Riley Jarvis joins Lindsay Dent, the Founder and CEO of Pink Crown Creative, to talk about entrepreneurship and marketing. They go in-depth on what makes a successful business and the importance of proper branding. They also discuss the resources and advice that can make the difference for a new company. Check out this episode to hear for yourself!


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