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Mental Health Awareness Month

Now more than ever, is extremely important to take care of yourself.

Social Media management can get stressful so here are some tips on how to wind down and take care of yourself.

1. Set Self-Care Goals! - whether its in the morning, afternoon or night it is extremely important to set aside self- care activities, meditation, skin care, workout etc.

2. Give yourself a break and listen to a podcast. - there are many amazing podcasts that can help relax your mind. Here are some: Feel better, Live more Happy Place Tiny Leaps, Big Changes (and don’t forget our own @haveyoumetheryetpodcast 😉)

3. Ask for help - Sometimes we may feel as though we need feel accomplished by completing every little task in our agenda. However, that can get stressful really fast and our mind starts running. Sometimes talking to someone and letting them know how we feel helps take a weight off our shoulder and relax our mind.


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