Have you met Chara & Vanessa from Oat of the Ordinary?

In this weeks episode we speak with Chara and Vanessa from Oat of the Ordinary Oat of the Ordinary is a highly nutritious single serve oatmeal supporting those with a busy lifestyle and high health standards!

We discuss: - Launching a new business during a pandemic - Advice on working with a business partner - Business obstacles and challenges - The importance health and wellness plays in your daily life - How they are breaking the mold in the healthy breakfast industry

Vanessa is no stranger to business, having earned a degree in it while working for another start-up herself; however, Vanessa has always been drawn to creating a product that puts health at the forefront.

When diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, Vanessa peeled back the layers of her lifestyle from how she exercised, what she ate, and how she thought and felt about her body. Navigating her health journey became her full-time job, leading her to pursue Oat of the Ordinary with co-founder Chara.