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Have you met Tim Mitchell, my Dad?

In this weeks episode we speak with the first male guest of this podcast, no one other than my Dad, Tim Mitchell a commercial real estate agent and seasoned entrepreneur.

Tim Mitchell is a commercial real estate agent who has been licensed for over 40 years. He and his wife Natalia have lived and worked in Brampton their entire lives. Tim has two children. Andrew, who works in Brampton and lives in Keswick Ontario and Lindsay who lives and works in Vancouver BC. Tim loves to travel and has had a long love of community volunteering. His past accomplishments include being Chairman of the Brampton Hospital Foundation, President of the Heart and Stroke Foundation, Salvation Army, and the Brampton Real Estate Board.

We discuss:

- what it was like to start his own business over 40 years ago

- lessons in being in sales and tips on how to sell

- why volunteering and giving back was a critical part of his business and personal life

- the importance of mentorship

- why treating clients like family is crucial for success

- why being an ally for women in the workplace is important

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